Experimenting a @GitLab and @SlackHQ chatbot created with @OpenFaas and natural.js with auto discovery of the new bot features #FaaSFriday https://t.co/gp2vR2QxWc yimOHG photo

Why do star athletes work with sports psychologists and mental coaches to train their brains to respond better to stress? Because they know that a huge part of winning the game is mental. https://t.co/XgMOSWgbkv via @trello

Now Recorded! Transform through a 4-step process! Assure TotalView for @MicroFocus #ALM contains data that should be leveraged in a #DevOps transformation & overall metrics framework to provide delivery/planning/trend analysis. Learn how! https://t.co/NPDlRtlfnv https://t.co/PTqISwDQ54 yimOHG photo

Use #SQLMonitor to keep an eye on the rate of growth of your database, and changes in the free space on the storage and set up alerts to warn you when they change. https://t.co/mRTYe61qeq